We are pleased to announce the sale of 1st edition, limited print, physical copies of THE MORNIN’ RUN that include exclusive articles from various entrepreneurs and thought-leaders in the Bitcoin space. The intent is that the content within the newspaper will only exist physically, never digitally.

Writers, Artists and Contributors

I would like to thank all the writers and artists who contributed to this project.

Purchase to enjoy exclusive content from:

Why Tokens are a Big Deal by Isaac M. Morehouse, CEO of crash.co

Tokens, Value and Opportunity by Joshua Henslee (myself), founder of THE MORNIN’ RUN

A Guest Contribution by The Soon Times, The most trustless news in crypto, ‘Overpromised, underdelivered’

Impossible and Inevitable by Steve Patterson, philosopher, author, and host of Patterson in Pursuit

Opportunity Cost by Kurt Wuckert Jr., Chief Bitcoin Historian at CoinGeek

The Rise of the Micropreneur by Liam Chai, aka OutputIntern

Node LTD by Meme Reserve

Money as the Measurement Stick by Connor Murray, Founder & CEO of britevue

Survival of the Fittest by Daniel Krawisz

And of course…

What is the purpose of a token? by Dr. Craig S. Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain

Last but not least, the newspaper will contain an exclusive, comic-style doodle from none other than Satoshi Doodles.

Sales Conditions & Terms

The sale will take place on the RelayX exchange in the form of fungible tokens where 1 token is redeemable for 1 shipped, physical copy of the newspaper.

1,000 tokens total will be available for purchase at an initial price of 0.75 BSV each (price includes shipping).

The product will be shipped internationally.

This means that a maximum of 1,000 copies of this 1st edition of the newspaper can be printed and thus will ever exist.

Tokens must be redeemed by 16:00 UTC on August 31th, 2021 (WITHOUT EXCEPTION) in order to receive a physical copy.

Newspapers will be shipped from 9/1/2021 after the redemption period closes.

Tokens will be freely traded on the open market. Should they sell out, a secondary market will be allowed to form.

Again, I want to emphasize that 1 token is redeemable 1 physical copy of the newspaper, regardless of the price paid for the token.

Any tokens not sold will have their orders cancelled and tokens be destroyed after August 31st, 16:00 UTC.

Redemption Process

To redeem your tokens please follow these steps:


All responsibility to redeem is on the purchaser. By purchasing this token, you agree to the terms laid out in this document.