Announcing NFT sales for THE MORNIN’ RUN Token of the Week

In the spring of 2021, we announced the private sale of ad space on THE MORNIN’ RUN. We received some interest but dealing business in this manner is cumbersome, inefficient, naive, and uncertain.

We are deciding to sell rights to a Token of the Week slot on THE MORNIN’ RUN ( to the public in the form of numbered NFTs.

We will release these spaces for sale on an iterative basis where the number on the NFT correlates to a weeklong period (7 days) from July 26th onwards.

Spread the word to earn $0.09 per click!

Supply, Mechanics and Rights

23 NFTs are minted upfront for each week remaining in the year 2021, starting with the week starting of 7/26/2021.

For example, NFT #1 represents the rights to ad space from:

7/26/2021 13:00 UTC – 8/2/2021 12:59 UTC

NFT #2 represents:

8/2/2021 13:00 UTC – 8/2/2021 12:59 UTC

...and so on.

The purchaser will have rights to show their token in the top middle slot on the home page (Desktop view) and 2nd bottom slot on the home page (Mobile view).

Redeemers that have consecutive numbers can have their token (or another) displayed for consecutive weeks.

We reserve the right to reject your ad for whatever reason we see fit, in which case we will refund the initial market price of the token.

If the buyer purchases at an initial NFT price of 0.6 BSV we will refund that amount, and that amount only.

If one purchases a token on the secondary market for a higher price, the difference is their responsibility as the risk taker – we will only refund the initial price. In the case the customer purchases for a lower price we will refund for the price the token was purchased at.

We refund only in the scenario where we reject the ad.

We will not refund for any other reason, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Tokens must be redeemed 24 hours prior to the requested redemption period.

To redeem your tokens please follow these steps:

All responsibility to redeem is on the purchaser. By purchasing this token, you agree to the terms laid out in this document.